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Bus services in Dordogne

Discover and book Dordogne bus services


Bus travel in the Dordogne region is not a very popular mode of transport. Most tourists prefer the freedom of a car so that they can stop off at any moment and enjoy one of the many villages and hilltop towns that you pass through.

The winding roads of the Dordogne region do not lend themselves to an easy and accessible bus service. There are several companies who operate between the towns but their timetables can be difficult to find and not well suited to tourism. 

Dordogne local buses

Transperigord operates a bus service that runs between the major towns of the Dordogne region, with the main hub being in Perigueux. Transport is available from there to Hautefort, Brive, Montignac, Sarlat, Souillac, Lalinde, Eymet, Bergerac, Riberac, and north to Angouleme, Mareuil and Nontron. The website is in french but there is a small introductory section in English to help you navigate.

Peribus operates in the Grand Perigueux area, covering the city centre as well as an area to Chateau l'Eveque in the north, Bassillac in the east, down to Atur in the south and Annesse-et-Beaulieu to the west of Perigueux.


Bus timetables in English for the Transperigord service.