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Best Local Produce from Dordogne

Discover the top Dordogne local produce


Some of the richest gastronomic products in France come from the Dordogne region. Truffles in particular are a popular item that is celebrated each winter with festivals and markets hosted in many of the local towns and villages. Cheese, fruit and nuts are amongst the other produce from this wonderful region.

Cepes (Mushrooms)

One of the tastiest wild mushrooms in France

Cheese from the Dordogne

A popular purchase at any local market in the Dordogne region


Walnut-flavoured liqueurs distilled in Brive la Gaillarde

Foie Gras, Dordogne

A regional speciality originating from duck or goose

Grapes, Dordogne

Perhaps the most famous & notable of all produce in Bordeaux

Lamprey Eel

This fish is an interesting regional speciality...

Pruneaux d'Agen (Prunes)

The dried fruit of a variety of plum cultivated in the Aquitaine

Saffron du Quercy

A highly prized spice, often known as 'Quercy's red Gold'


The black truffles are known as the 'Diamonds of Perigord'


Walnut have played a prominent role in the local culture & commerce