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Featured in: News & Reviews Pam Williamson, Dordogne Editor Published

Best bathing spots in Dordogne

Where to find the cleanest water along the regions waterways

The Ministry of Health in France is urging bathers to take note of the water quality on their favourite beaches, rivers and watering holes. They are providing up-to-date information regarding the cleanliness of France's beaches and rivers.

The interactive map (which is available in English) allows you to zoom in on the areas of interest and to review recent test results. The beaches and rivers are ranked from excellent (blue) to prohibited (pink), meaning that entering the water is strictly prohibited. 

The monthly testing and monitoring makes it possible to assess the effects of wastewater sanitation and dirty rainwater runoff into swimming sites. 

Thankfully the rivers and natural swimming spots around Dordogne are mainly blue, so we can swim, kayak, canoe & dive happily in the knowledge that the waters are clean and healthy.