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Le Thot Prehistoric Cave Centre, Thonac

Prehistoric animal park and introduction to cave art

A prehistoric park and an excellent introduction before visiting the region's prehistoric caves. 

It has an animal park with many of the animals represented in cave drawings and replica models of extinct species. It also has an hands-on explanation of cave art and explains how the Lascaux caves were faithfully reproduced at Lascaux II.

Visitor comments

  • "Get a double ticket - Lascaux + Le Thot for a fab day out. There is a great interactive 3d presentation + " prehistoric mirror" where you feel you are in the presentation... Lots of animals there - all those that are represented in the cave paintings at Lascaux including Bison and Przewalski's horse which are now extinct in the wild." - Trip Advisor

How to get passes

Tickets are available at the venue. You can buy a joint ticket with Lascaux II which gives you a discount.


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Map of the surrounding area