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X Trail Corrèze Dordogne

Much more than a trail

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Ultra Trail event in Argentat sur Dordogne and in Xaintrie, the Corrèze "terra incognita".

Winding through the gorges of the Dordogne and the Maronne, the runners follow a route surrounded by history, legends and incredible natural riches. 

No roads, few paths, lots of singles...followed by a gourmet meal at the end.

Five nature trails and races include:

  • Ultra Trail "X Trail Corrèze Dordogne" - 103km (night departure from Argentat), 4,600m elevation gain.
  • Grand Trail des Tours - 53km from the mysterious Xaintrie to Argentat, 2,500m elevation gain.
  • Les Balcons de la Dordogne - 26km (departure from Argentat), 930m elevation gain.
  • L'Argentat Trail - 14km, 410m elevation gain, start and finish in Argentat.
  • The Barge Trail - 9km, 190m elevation gain, start and finish in Argentat.

There is the possibility of running in teams of three to five runners, over the 26km and 53km or in a relay (in two or four) over the 103km - this way the trail becomes a team sport.

There are four hikes as part of the event:

  • La Grande Rando des Tours - 37km, 2,000m elevation gain.
  • Hike of the Balcons de la Dordogne - 26km and 850m elevation gain.
  • Argentat Hillside hike - 14km and 400m elevation gain.
  • Hike the Barge Trail - 9km and 190m elevation gain.

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2,000 entrants over all events.


Map of the surrounding area