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Markets in The Dordogne

Every day of the week you will find a fabulous market somewhere in The Dordogne

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From bustling town squares to quaint village marketplaces, the Dordogne markets showcase a richness of local produce, traditional crafts and mouth watering delicacies.

The markets in the Dordogne region of France offer a captivating sensory experience, where you can explore a diverse array of local produce, traditional crafts, and gastronomic delights amidst the enchanting backdrop of picturesque villages, medieval towns and historic landmarks.
immerse yourself in the authentic sights, sounds and flavours of this captivating region as you wander through the vibrant stalls, interact with friendly stallholders and discover the treasures that make the Dordogne markets a true feast for the senses.

For full details of which markets to visit, market days and more see our Dordogne Market Guide.


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