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Main Events in Dordogne

Discover the main Dordogne events in the year


There are loads of events in Dordogne organised year-round. From quirky local events to large scale sporting spectacles there is always something worth visiting. In this section we bring you information about the major annual Dordogne events in resort and don't forget to check out our Events Calendar for the latest updates.

This is only a snapshot of what happens on Dordogne throughout the year. There are many other small festivals and one-off concerts that take place and we will endeavour to add these on our events calendar when we spot them.

The organising bodies may not release event information until very close to the event itself, so please search our Events Calendar to find out the latest information we have.

NB. Times and dates may vary each year. Indeed, some years, the festivals may not run at all (normally due to lack of funds), or be cancelled close to the dates of the event.

January Events in Dordogne

La Fête de la Truffe
A celebration of the famous truffle! Hosted each year at the end of January this popular event celebrates the 'black gold' and also the regions famous Foie Gras.

May Events in Dordogne

Annual Snail Festival
Has to be seen to be believed! Celebrating the French favourite, the snail... Eat, drink and be merry at this wonderful foodie Annual Snail Festival in Bertric-Buree.

Fête de la Fraise
Held annually on the second Sunday in May the Fête de la Fraise is a wonderful family celebration of food and fun...and of course strawberries, in the Medieval town of Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne.

Fête des Fromages Fermiers
Traditionally held on Whit Sunday in May the Fête des Fromages Fermiers in Rocamadour showcases the very best of French cheeses, or all shapes, sizes, tastes and smells!

Les Floralies - Flower Festival
Hosted in the pretty town of Saint-Jean-de-Cole, this festival celebrates all things floral and creates a wonderful backdrop for visitors to enjoy as the spring begins to turn to summer.

July Events in Dordogne

Souillac en Jazz
An international jazz festival held in the town of Souillac each July. Showcasing both local and international talent in a series of concerts and street performances.

Festival and celebration of African music and culture, Africajarc is hosted in the delightful town of Cajarc, on the banks of the Lot river, on the last weekend of July.

Festival du Périgord Noir
Classical music festival that continues from July all the way through to October in the Perigord Noir region of the Dordogne.

Festival des Jeux du Théâtre
Hosted in Sarlat the Festival des Jeux du Théâtre has a rich and diverse programme of events, including shows, lectures and discussions, this three-week theatre festival is one of the best in France.

Brive Festival
A great summer festival giving you live music, dancing and beach sports... But no sea! The Brive Festival, naturally, takes place in the town of Brive.

August Events in Dordogne

La Bataille de Castillon
One of the Aquitaine's largest and most popular events, La Bataille de Castillon is a battle re-enactment at Castillon. The event was cancelled in 2014 after funding issues. They hope to continue to put on the event in coming years.

Festival de Saint-Céré
A marvellous summer programme of opera, dance and classical music, hosted in the town of Saint-Cere and celebrated in te smaller villages round about.

Les Nuits de Lauzerte
A festival of contemporary arts around a medieval city. Artists take over courtyards and gardens, creating a link between their modern creations and the heritage of this classical hill-top village.

Eté Musical en Bergerac - Festival Bergerac
A two week festival in and around the Perigord region and Bergerac, celebrating live music and traditional dance in historical sites and monuments.

September Events in Dordogne

Rassemblement Européen de Montgolfières
A true spectacle to behold. Come and see some of the most spectacular hot air balloons all in the one place at the one time at the end of September in this magical and historical setting - the Rassemblement Européen de Montgolfières, or European Hot Air Balloon Rally!

November Events in Dordogne

La Foire du Livre
A wonderful annually book event that is hosted in the town of Brive. La Foire du Livre is second only to the Paris Book Fair, this is a must-do for the literary buffs.

Salon International du Livre Gourmand
Celebrating food and books! The Salon International du Livre Gourmand fair takes places every two years (on odd years...2015 etc) in the city of Perigueux and combines a literary love with the gastronomic side of life. 

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